Smartphones and Employment Skills

Project Description

Smartphones and Employment Skills is a one year online province-wide project funded through Skills Development Fund for the year 2022-2023. It is designed to help individuals learn how to use their smartphones to improve their digital skills and knowledge to successfully participate in employment training and to seek and find work.

Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy (MTM) has partnered with six Literacy Basic Skills and Employment Services providers (LBS,ES) to:

  • Develop and deliver 12 smartphone and employment skills training modules,

  • Train over 2000 job seekers throughout Ontario,

  • Train LBS,ES providers to deliver training and employment services via smartphones,

  • Create an online trainer's guide and produce an information video on why smartphones are a labour market value-added tool.

  • Host a province-wide online forum for workforce development stakeholders on the research results, project learnings and how to further advance the use of smartphones as an important labour market tool for job seekers, employees and employers alike.


  • 2129 job seekers will participate in Smartphones and Employment Skills training

  • 296 LBS,ES service provider staff will receive training to improve how to use smartphones to build employment skills.

  • More than 75 employers and representatives from small and medium businesses, industries and sectors that were most negatively impacted by the Pandemic will also be involved in the project. (health sector; services sector -independent businesses in food, tourism, entertainment, arts, recreation and retail).

Project Infographics

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Project Partners

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