How We Impact

MTML's Support to Service Providers and their impact on Literacy Learners

International Literacy Day 2022-2023

This was an exclusive event for the learners who shared their success stories with us, and for the practitioners who helped them in their journey.

Watch the recording of our International Literacy Day Sep 23, 2022. This day was dedicated to all the learners, compassionate instructors and amazing literacy programs across Toronto and York region.

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MTML's Tribute to the LBS Service Providers across Toronto and York Regions 2021-2022

Tribute to LBS 2021 (1).pdf

Charitable Choices: Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy (MTML)

Toronto Guardian interviewed MTML to learn about their mission, the problems they are trying to solve , the issues they are currently facing and how people can help them.

Learners' Conference 2022-2023

Every year MTML celebrates our learners through an exclusive conference with workshops just for them. Read the details of the day Oct 4,2022 and watch the recording of the event, here

MTML's 20th Learners' COnference (7).pdf

International Literacy Day 2021-2022

The theme of the event was: Literacy for Trauma-centred recovery: Narrowing the digital divide. To watch the recording of the event click, here

Learners' Conference 2021-2022

The 2-day event was exclusively for literacy learners. The conference program included not only workshops on different topics but also included a presentation on Orange Shirt Day. Watch the recording of the event, here.

Learners' Conference 2019-2020

The first year into COVID, so we held our Learners' Conference on Zoom and it was also well received. Watch the recording here.

Success Stories of Literacy Learners over the years

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CLO Digital-LIteracy-Success-Stories-Nov-2020-FINAL.pdf

To mark #blackhistorymonth, Lesley Mead and MTML President, Rod Barrass conducted their first interview for their Change Room podcast. They spoke to Amina Charles (literacy learner and advocate, and small business owner) about her journey and the big changes in her life. They were left in awe to talk to such a strong courageous person. If you want to meet someone with a true #growthmindset , have a listen.