About Us

Find out more about MTML's Mission, Values and Work below.

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We provide a voice for adult literacy in Toronto and York Region. We collaborate with our members to share knowledge, build awareness, and promote confidence and the lifelong learning needed to better participate in the community.

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We envision a community where literacy is a right that is enjoyed by all.

Board of Directors

Evadne Wilkinson-Board President

Susan Lefebvre

Jessica Budd

Rod Barrass

Jared Ross

Jennifer Smart

What We Do

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Public Education

We provide public education, and work to raise awareness about the importance of literacy issues with the public and with our partners.

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Information and Referrals

Through our Literacy Access Network Phone Hotline, 416-961-5557, we provide program information, guidance and direction to individuals who are looking for a program to help improve their skills.

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Professional Development

We provide support, training and resources to the Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) programs we work with. Workshops, seminars, forums and resource materials are shared with our network to help improve the delivery of effective LBS programs in Toronto and York Region.

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Community Planning

We collaborate with literacy service providers in the region to coordinate services and achieve common standards on assessment and practice so that the needs of adult learners are properly addressed. A top priority is to ensure that people with literacy and skills upgrading needs are aware of and have access to the programs they need.

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Research and Development

We develop, deliver and collaborate with other service providers on a number of literacy research and development projects that help inform the field and support the ongoing development of effective and innovative programs.

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Communications and Collaboration

We provide a communications hub and community for Literacy and Basic Skills providers and our other partners, including the Ontario government, other literacy networks, employment centres, social service agencies and community organizations that work with adults who may benefit from LBS programs.