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Child Welfare PAC Canada

Child Welfare PAC Canada has partnered with Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario to kickstart careers in the skilled trades for Youth from care. Provides comprehensive support, through each stage of the journey towards achieving an apprenticeship in Ontario's construction sector. Depending on specific needs, the pathways to apprenticeships will vary. The program also offers “Kickstart in the Trades” workshops to enable participants a 2-day experience to learn about the trade’s sector/apprenticeships, participate in hands-on activities, earn an essential safety certification, and obtain PPE for the jobsite. 

Phase 1: Candidates will complete the eligibility and intake processes to determine the best path forward. Candidates may have to undergo some or all of the following:

-Educational upgrading to obtain OSSD equivalency

-Skills upgrading to obtain enhanced skills

Phase 2: Candidates will have their personalized plan created in communication with a mentor from Ontario's construction industry.

During this phase, candidates will have the opportunity to explore the trades through an online portal. Outcome: Candidate selects a trade to pursue

Phase 3: Apprenticeship Participation Candidates will gain opportunities for:

-Trades-specific training

-Experiential learning

-Industry mentorship

Candidates will continue to work with their construction industry mentor to ensure success in their specific apprenticeship.

Communities they serve:


Contact Information: Sam N


ADMISSION:  Free, wrap-around supports are available for participants, which include childcare, mental health, and transportation.

PROGRAM TYPE: Community Based

SERVING: People with a minimum of 1 year in care.


INTAKE: The programs are ongoing and change with the needs of the industry and employment partners..  

ELIGIBILITY: At least 18 years of age, with a minimum of 1 year in care. 


Various locations. Head office: 2-72 Ross Street Barrie, ON  L4N 1G3

Program Updates

Some program dates may change. Contact the organization for more details:

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