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Zoom platform as it’s the most commonly used video conferencing tool used by literacy programs, and also during the Silver Linings Café sessions we organized in mid 2020. 

In these manuals, we provide information on how to use Zoom as well as highlight some of the features that Silver Lining Café participants have told us are useful in making the most of their Zoom meetings with learners. You will find step-by-step instructions and practitioner tips. There are six sections to this Zoom manual.

For the history of the Silver Lining Café project and outcomes, refer to the Silver Lining Café Companion Report below.

We are thankful to COFA to translate the manual to French language. The French version is available on their website. 

                                                                            NEW! Zoom Mini Manuals

The information in these manuals is accurate as of December 2020. Features and steps to using them may change with future downloads. Consult support.zoom.us for more resources and information.
1_Section 1 - Manual - Final_pageNumbers (1).pdf
2 Section 2 - In Meeting Controls.Final12.23 (1).pdf
3 Section 3 - Share screen - Final 23.12-numbered (1).pdf

Section 1: Getting Started: setting up an account, scheduling meeting, sending an invite, joining a meeting

Section 2: In Meeting Controls and Video layouts (Gallery/Speaker views)

Section 3: Whiteboard, Screen Sharing and Annotation Tools

4 Section 4 - Breakout Rooms - Final12.23 (1).pdf

Section 4: Breakout Rooms

5 Section 5 - Polling - Final12.23 (1).pdf

Section 5: Polling

6_ Building Community and Resources - Final (1).pdf

Section 6: Preparing for Remote Learning, Building Community & Engaging Learners, Online Resources

Final_Silver Lining Cafe Report_Jan 2021.pdf

The Silver Lining Café Companion Report, September 2020.

Millersville University's Resource: Faqs on How to Improve Your Zoom Connection

FAQ_ How to Improve your Zoom Connection_.pdf