Labour Market Information for Literacy Programs

The Essential Skills of Labour Market Information

What is labour market information (LMI) and how can it help literacy programs?

Labour Market Information (LMI) describes any type of information used to make informed decisions about the labour market. Good LMI can also tell us about what type of occupations are currently in demand, how much money could be earned in a particular job, where the local job vacancies can be found, and what might be the ‘hot jobs’ be when they leave education 

Literacy and Basic Skills programs can benefit from LMI as a learner or instructor can use LMI to help inform employment or educational goals. Instructors and literacy practitioners can also use LMI for setting learner goals and developing lesson plans 

More specifically, LMI can assist learners to get answers to the following questions:

In summary, LMI provides help to learners and instructors when thinking about what current and future employment opportunities might hold.

Points to consider:

Examples of some literacy activities that can be developed using the LMI:

In partnership with Toronto Workforce Innovation Group (TWIG), and Workforce Planning Board York region (WPB), these pages were created for easier access of labour market information that can be used by literacy programs and learners across GTA and York Region.

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