York Region

WPB of York Region has created a tool: Work in York, that connects job seekers to employers, skill building and training in the York region.

Job Finding Tools

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Search dozens of job boards at once with the largest job board in the region.

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Find jobs by geographic area, employment services, schools, child care, transportation routes and more to support your career.

This new Job Portal and Resume Builder will help you have 24/7 access to a personalized job feed and create an unlimited number of resumes

Explore this new tool, a one-stop shop for searching thousands of work-from-home jobs across dozens of websites.

Career Development Tools

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Find, research and apply for your next job using this career path tool

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Learn more about different occupations including regional demand and salary expectations.

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Find locally available training opportunities.

This tool provides a list of different training programs that individuals can explore to find training programs for skill development when they apply for employment.

Workforce Development Tools

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A mapping tool that displays job posting concentration and a database of companies

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A mapping tool that assists employers, service providers and communities in geo-targeting talent attraction campaigns for hard to fill occupations.

Reports and Analytics

A report created by using data collected from national, provincial and local job boards as well as local career pages. It highlights important information about job demand in the Region, including job postings by month, municipality, skill type, skill level, and more

The report is created using data collected from the job finding tools on our website and tries to answer two simple questions: who is searching for work, and what jobs are they searching for in York Region.