Smartphone Skills

Project Overview

Watch the short video to learn about the project details.

Smartphone Skills Resources

These resources were created through our Smartphones and Employment Skills project funded through Skills Development Fund for 2022-2023. They were developed in collaboration with project partners and are designed to help individuals learn how to use their smartphones to improve digital skills and knowledge to successfully participate in the economy of Canada.

All resources are FREE to use.

These learning modules include videos, tip sheets and mini lessons. The topics vary from creating a username and password to scanning a document or learning about icons and apps on smartphones. 

All the tip sheets and mini lessons are in pdf format.

If you want to try out all the learning modules online, then click on the image or on the title.

Not only will you find the online format of the learning  modules, but also additional modules related to internet safety and security, Chat GPT and Google tools

Teaching and Training on Smartphones

If you want to learn how to teach smartphone skills to learners/clients using our modules, watch the recordings of various training sessions that we provided during the year:

Below is the training guide on how to teach and train on smartphones.

Revised April 2023 - SP GUIDE.pdf

Mental Health Resources:

The resource below can be used to create awareness on the importance of mental health in the learning environment.

MTML MH PPT.pptx.pdf

 Service providers are encouraged to check out the PowerPoint featured here. In this PowerPoint, service providers will learn more about the connection between mental health and learning, including how difficult emotions impact a learner's ability to take in information and problem solve. Service providers will also learn accessible strategies for supporting the mental health of learners to help them be more successful on their learning journey. 

The resources below can be used with learners as activities while learning about smartphones.

Fortune Telling Activities.pdf
Online Resources for Wellbeing.pdf
All or Nothing Activities .pdf

Below are flyers that you can share with your learners/clients and staff to promote the resources 

For Learners/Clients

Copy of Smartphone Flyer for Clients and Learners.pdf

For Service Provider Staff

Smartphone Flyer for Service Providers.pdf

Project findings were shared at the Workforce Development Forum. 

For details, click below:

Forum Recording:

Handout of the presentation:

Forum Handout_Slides.pptx.pdf

Qualitative Research and Project Report

Below is the Research Report compiled from data collected through online interviews with 26 workforce development stakeholders on assumptions and expectations about worker and job seeker competence in using a smartphone at work, to complete skills training and gain employment.' The Project Report provides an insight into project  details, project supports, testimonials, project outcomes and recommendations..

735April15_Research Report-.pdf
SP report May 22.pdf

Project Partners