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United for Literacy Independent Studies

The Independent Studies Program (I.S.) works with adult learners who have mild intellectual disabilities and want to continue improving their literacy skills. The program supports learners in developing greater self-confidence and personal independence through literacy improvement in theme based classes in order to continue aspiring to move on to other educational, volunteer/employment or life opportunities. Learners are either paired with a volunteer tutor for a one on one tutoring session or paired with a volunteer tutor in a small group class facilitated by an instructor. 


Literacy and Basic Skills for further Independence 



PROGRAM TYPE: Community Based

SERVING: Anglophone

REGISTRATION PROCESS: Call or email the program for information. Then an interview assessment is done (either remotely or in person). A successful applicant would then be matched with a volunteer tutor in a small group class or individual one to one session. 

INTAKE: The program runs from September to June with some student tutor pairs working through the summer. Learners are eligible for two years with the possibly of a third year.

ELIGIBILITY:19+ with a mild intellectual disability. Learner must be able to communicate verbally. They should have low behaviour management needs and be independent in personal care. Learners must be able to articulate a learning goal, participate in group discussions and desire to be in the program of their own choice. They must be willing to try their best, be patient and flexible, respectful and participatory. The learner must provide their own transportation needs..

ACCESS: We are currently operating all of our classes and one on one tutoring sessions remotely. All of our registration and referral process is online.


35 Jackes Avenue, Toronto Ontario, M4T 1E2


"My time at Frontier College has left a lasting impact on me that I think will only keep revealing itself over time. I have seen firsthand here the incredible impact that intentionally accessible and dignified spaces can have on someone’s learning. Before beginning my placement in the Independent Studies program, I had very little understanding on the ways in which adult education can act as a tool to greater independence, confidence and happiness. Spending 8 months with our learners has reinvigorated my love of learning and reminded me of the ways in which education can be exciting, dynamic and individualized. I think this program really helps break down the barriers that folks with disabilities often face in other spaces, and invites them to feel empowered in their journey. Going beyond mandated expectations, the relationships between tutors and students are ones that centre around mutual trust, hard work and patience. I have seen many programs who meet quotas, but the IS program is the first I’ve seen that focuses on meeting people exactly where they’re at.”

- Deighton Edwards