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United for Literacy New Directions Program

New Directions is a free program that supports adults who want to earn their General Education Development (GED) certificate. The GED is accepted by most colleges and employers as the equivalent of a high school diploma, and graduates benefit from increased earnings, improved job security, and enhanced career opportunities.

Classes are held online in an encouraging environment with an experienced instructor who supports students in achieving their goals. New Directions offers great flexibility, allowing you to customize your learning experience - you will have the freedom to choose how often you want to meet with your instructor, as well as the days and times that best fit your schedule. 

Workshops related to employment, financial literacy, and career and education planning are also offered throughout the year.

Gideon Steinberg - Instructor Coordinator 



PROGRAM TYPE: Community Based

SERVING: Anglophone

REGISTRATION PROCESS: To register, contact the Instructor Coordinator. Requirements are flexible and dependent on learner goals

INTAKE: Continuous intake. Dependent on level of learner.


ACCESS: We are currently operating all of our classes and one on one tutoring sessions virtually.


35 Jackes Avenue, Toronto Ontario, M4T 1E2


"My time at Frontier College has left a lasting impact on me that I think will only keep revealing itself over time. I have seen firsthand here the incredible impact that intentionally accessible and dignified spaces can have on someone’s learning. Before beginning my placement in the Independent Studies program, I had very little understanding on the ways in which adult education can act as a tool to greater independence, confidence and happiness. Spending 8 months with our learners has reinvigorated my love of learning and reminded me of the ways in which education can be exciting, dynamic and individualized. I think this program really helps break down the barriers that folks with disabilities often face in other spaces, and invites them to feel empowered in their journey. Going beyond mandated expectations, the relationships between tutors and students are ones that centre around mutual trust, hard work and patience. I have seen many programs who meet quotas, but the IS program is the first I’ve seen that focuses on meeting people exactly where they’re at.”

- Deighton Edwards

Newsletter 'From the Youth and For the Youth"

Voices from the Street- Issue 1.pdf