Podcast Series-Apprenticeship

This is MTML's first in a series of podcasts in which we explore the trades and some of the training programs offered in the Toronto and York region. If you are considering a trade as a career path, but are unsure where to find information, this is the place to start!

The podcasts will examine a number of pre-apprenticeships programs that offer more than just trade-related skills. Many community based/social enterprise training programs offer supports such as transportation, extra tutoring with skills like math, childcare and much more.

Episode 1: In this episode we welcome Melisa Savone from Building Up, an intensive construction training program for individuals who face barriers to employment. Melisa describes the 16 week program and all of the support they provide that lead to a successful path to employment.  

For more details on the program, visit their booth on our website.

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Episode 2:  Insights through the eyes of a graduate of the “Building Up” pre-apprenticeship training program

In episode 2 we speak with Melissia Alexander, a flooring apprentice who successfully completed the trades training and is now working in the construction industry.

 Melissa describes some of the challenges she faced while going through the program. She was able to successfully complete the training because of all the additional support Building Up provided throughout her journey. Melissa feels the counselling they offered is a big reason why she persisted in the training. She was able to express her frustration and “talk things through” with some one who understood the trades.

They also helped cover the cost of getting a driver’s licence, her bus transportation and they even helped out financially when she moved apartments. They have a mental health counselor, career coaches and mentors who are all in place to help you succeed. 

These are just a few of the supports! Check out the amazing ways Building Up helps participants achieve their goal of working in the trade

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More to come in the following weeks!